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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Why have a paid access?

According to the adage “If it’s free, you’re the product”, a free access would be financed by advertising but this is not the spirit of Plateforme Trading .com

The packs of Plateforme Trading .com packages cost a few months of Sierra Chart subscription and this, for a lifetime use… affordable especially when it is to better use its main tool and feel comfortable in its analysis and trades

What are the payment methods and currencies?

In the shop, you have 2 electronic payment methods: Stripe for payment cards and PayPal if you have an account

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, contact us with the form below. Funds will need to be credited to the site’s bank account for purchases to be released.

Only the Euro is accepted as payment currency

To avoid currency exchange effects (from the market but also from bank commissions). Plateforme Trading .com only accepts payments in Euros

Why should I give my Sierra Chart account name to download the tools?

Which benefits?

Simple and efficient, the user will have at his disposal, directly in his platform, all the tools. He can choose to apply them or not on his charts. In the same way, the possible updates will be done directly in Sierra Chart and the user will not have to do anything

Which inconvenience?

None, Platform Trading .com can do nothing with your Sierra Chart account name except share its configurations with you

Where to find it?

Either in your Sierra Chart User Account, or in the platform menu in Help >> About

SierraChart Help User Name

Sierra Chart Help User Name


How do the Free Tutorials work?

Since the tutorials have very different prices, we have set a scale for the Free Tutorials

The more free tutorials you have, the higher your voucher will be

See Terms and Conditions of the Promo Codes or Coupons

Can I access my personal data?

Yes, of course, contact us with the form below

The site is very attached to the protection of personal data, asks for your consent, uses mailing lists sparingly and is attentive to your requests on this subject

Is there a sponsorship system?

Yes, from 200€ of purchase on the site, you have access to the sponsorship program

If you refer a friend to us, you and your friend will each receive 25% of the value of the first order as a coupon code. That is 50% in coupon codes for both of you.

To participate in the program, please send us an email with the form below to indicate the email of your friend

We will send him an email so that he can create his account and enjoy the products

Are there any group prices?

If you are an organization and you need access for a group of traders, we can offer you prices adapted to your needs

Contact us for the form below

I can't see any images or videos on the site. What to do?

If these are for Tutorials or Tools you have purchased, there is an explanation on the video page

If it is the images or videos from the public site, you can try to clean your browser’s cache by going to Settings – Privacy or Security or Cookies – Clear or Clean History – Clear Cache (do not clear passwords or forms)

Otherwise, contact us by the form below

Is there a time or geographical limit to the use of the Tutorials and Tools?

No, no limits!

For the tutorials, just buy it by creating an account, and you will have access to videos, explanations and forum

For the tools of Plateforme Trading .comYou just have to fill in your Sierra Chart account to have access to the tools in the platform directly or follow a detailed explanation

Can I make my own tools available?

Yes, if you are a developer of Chartbooks, Studies, WatchLists, Toolbars, Automatic Trading Programs or any other tools that help you trade and you want to promote them on the site, contact us through the form below

Can I be refunded?

No, you cannot get a refund for your purchases

The strength of the website is that all products or tutorials are available, or downloadable, immediately so that you can get better as soon as you buy

Is there an affiliation program?


If you are interested, contact us with the form below and tell us how you intend to promote the site and its services


Send us a message

Answer in 48 hours!

SierraChart - Tutorial A7 - Drawing Tools Basic - Line Rectangle Calculator
Sierra Chart - Tutorial B4 - FootPrint - Example Graph
SierraChart - Tutorial B3 - Market Profile - Chart Example
Typing SC PTC Pro

Why PlateformeTrading.com ?

The website PlateformeTrading.com is the reference to learn how to analyze and trade with the professional trading platform Sierra Chart.

It is a platform that gives access to all the main markets on which professional traders (funds, banks or institutions) operate: US markets (CME, CBOT and CFE) and European markets (Eurex).

The site allows you to know everything to make your own analysis, with the indicators you want (Market Profile, FootPrint, Heatmap ...), and apply your own trading strategies with the professional tool that is the order book.

For your learning, you will find on the site several possibilities: tutorials organized in 5 themes, professional trading environments and tools and remote services, webinars and custom configurations with an expert who explains everything.

Sierra Chart, one of the best quality/price ratios on the market?

Sierra Chart is a New Zealand company that provides a trading platform to analyze and trade futures, forex, indices, some stocks and options.

The main exchanges available are the European and American ones, as do 90% of professional traders. Recently, it is also possible to trade some crypto-currencies from the Bitmex platform.

To analyze and trade, the platform integrates the most common indicators such as VWAP, pivot points, MACD, RSI, Volume Delta, Bollinger Bands ... but also those of professionals: Market Profile, Order Book, FootPrints, Bookmap ...

All this for one of the best quality/price ratios on the market and ITS POTENTIAL IS ALMOST UNLIMITED!


PlateformeTrading.com, that is:

Over 40 lifetime tutorials and over 30 hours of training
Professional tools already predefined
Remote services: Webinars and custom configurations
Free articles to improve your IT environment
Partners to help you improve your trading skills
A Newsletter on Sierra Chart to be aware of the updates.

The site will evolve and new products will be regularly proposed. Check the site frequently and look for the best for the professional trader.

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