Microsoft Windows on MAC of Apple

I. Introduction

In this article we will show you how to use Microsoft Windows on an Apple MAC computer.

There are 3 solutions on the market: BootCamp or CrossOver, Parallels and a VPS or Shadow PC, in order of performance.

The first two are software installations on your MAC computer. The VPS is the best solution since it allows you to connect to another remote computer, Microsoft Windows computer.

All of them have a cost but the VPS is a global solution and the software to connect to Windows from MAC is free. Once the VPS is purchased, there is no cost to connect, in addition to much better performance than the first two.

Let’s move on to the details of the solutions

II. BootCamp or CrossOver

This is the most common solution because it has a free version. But for some time now, CrossOver, for example, has been developing a paid version to eliminate some of the flaws.

Besides, there are other identical solutions that can be found on the internet but these two are the two most known and used.

On the other hand, let’s face it, the free versions can’t claim the same performance as the paid solutions.

BootCamp is the official Apple solution. You will find all the installation instructions according to the versions of your MAC. One clarification: apart from the M series microprocessor generation, your MAC must have an Intel microprocessor to run Windows. See the article to understand the computer installation of the Trader.


As for the CrossOver software, it is downloaded from the Internet and allows you to create a new space on your hard disk to install Microsoft Windows. Attention, Windows is free in trial version but will be paid afterwards for a cost of 30€ in personal version to 100€ for some professional versions. In any case, you will have to buy a version of Microsoft Windows. We do not address cracked solutions that do not respect intellectual property.


When we say “create a new space”, we mean another partition on the main hard disk. Suppose your hard disk is 512GB, with BootCamp or CrossOver you will split the disk with 2 separate spaces. On one side, you will have MAC and on the other, you will have Windows. The choice between the two is made at computer startup, which means that you can only use one of the two operating systems at a time. We find this very very restrictive and not at all suitable for professional use.

Especially since there are other defects that are prohibitive for…

The two main defects are:

        • System instability: when you run Windows with heavy programs, the system will crash and you will have to reboot. There may also be problems with latency, connection to your network devices like NAS or printers. In short, it is a very basic version of Windows, as you could find a few years ago
        • Data separation: as you have two partitions, you will have to choose which data you want to share and therefore copy them from the old partition to the new one. You will have 2 versions of the files and folders…. Really not practical…

As you can see, does not find this solution acceptable for a professional. That leaves us with the other two.

III. Parallels

It is the best value for money with good performance, simple operation and one-time purchase.

Parallels is a company that offers special software to install Windows. It is a software recognized by the Apple community and is the reference to have Windows on MAC.

As it is a solution offered by professionals, it is therefore not free. 100€ in one go… It’s a very acceptable price, especially when you see the price of MAC computers that don’t cost less than 2 000€… adding 100€ to have a good versatility seems negligible to us.

On the Parallels website, you buy the software and install it. Once installed, you will need to install Microsoft Windows. As for the first solution, it will be free in trial version but you will have to upgrade to a paid version when it expires.

The huge advantage of Parallels over BootCamp or CrossOver is that you can switch from MAC to Windows in 1 click, with a dedicated Windows window. You can choose the layout of the window (reduced, full, all your screens) … in short, a real version of Microsoft Windows.

In addition to that, you won’t have the shortcomings of the first solution. No second hard disk partition, no duplicate files or folders, no (or few) external or network connection problems… A real professional solution.


But the top of the top for a professional, for an acceptable annual cost, remains the VPS.

IV. VPS or Shadow PC

This is THE solution recommended by Even before we got interested in Windows on MAC, we had already decided that the VPS for Trading was THE solution for professionals.

We have dedicated a complete article and an explanation video in the Articles section. We recommend you read it to understand everything.

For MAC, Microsoft has thought of developing its remote connection software for the MAC OS version. In the Apple Store, you must install Microsoft Remote Desktop. This is the same system as the Windows Remote Desktop Connection, as in the VPS video.

Once installed, you have a window with all your saved connections. To create a new one, in the window, you enter your VPS IP address, your login/password, you choose the desired options (remember me, several displays…) then you connect. The best advantage of this solution is that you have ANOTHER COMPUTER dedicated to Windows. There is no more professional solution. The computing and power load is well separated between MAC and Windows and your internet latency from the VPS is optimized.

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V. Conclusion on Microsoft Windows on Mac of Apple

Contrary to what it might seem, it is quite easy to use Windows on MAC.

If you are willing to accept defects, free solutions will do.

Otherwise, with a little budget, it is possible to have a stable and efficient professional solution.


Good installation and good Trading with Sierra Chart on MAC!

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