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Tools - Automatic Trading Blue – programming for professionnal traders

Our services focus on software solutions specific to trading.

This includes applications and solutions for Futures, Options, Stocks and Crypto markets.

We provide both project based custom programming as well as off the shelve products and tools.

Custom programming
Algo trading tools and utilities
Trading strategy development
Indicators, alerts and studies
Converting between platforms
Backtesting and report generation
Data preperation, scraping and wrangling

C/C++, C#, Sierra Chart, NinjaTrader, Rihtmic, Python, R, Backtrader

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Trade29 – SC Excel DTC AddIn

Trade29 - Excel AddIn Presentation

Easily combine Excel with your Sierra Chart data to create your custom dashboards, calculations, graphs, etc.

Stream L1 (Bid/Ask), L2 (Market Depth), Time and Sales, Last Trade with lookback window settings

Supports bar based OHLC, Volume and any subgraph data
Stream real time data with no charts open

Scalable, simple and efficient, no intermediate bridge software to run

The solution comes as two AddIns

SC-Excel Dtc AddIn – real time data updates, DTC based
SC-Excel Cht AddIn – real time + historical, data is based on a chart

When installed to Excel, these two AddIns extend Excel with new user functions. These functions provide the ability to access Sierra Chart data directly in Excel.

Trade29 – Harmonic Rotations

Trade29 - Presentation Harmonic Rotations

The study uses zigzags to find all the rotations on the chart. Study will plot the zigzag lines on the chart and calculate some statistics based on the leg sizes.

Use these statistics to plan your stop placement.

Trade29 – Average True Range Bot

Trade29 - Presentation Average True Range Bot

A trade entry auto-trader assistant for Sierra Chart. It uses “Average True Range” to dynamically size the trade and calculate exit prices.

Supports semi-auto and full auto modes.

Trade29 – Range Breakout Bot

Trade29 - Presentation Range Breakout Bot

An auto-trader assistant bot to help with entering trades where one wishes to enter on a breakout from a range.

Often this involves waiting for price to breakout from one of the range (either from the top or the bottom).

Trade29 – Divergence Detection

Trade29 - Presentation Divergence Detection

Detect divergence between subsequent peaks on the chart. Peaks in this context is the synonymous to swings or pivots.


Can be wired to detect divergence between any two subgraphs you have on the chart
Detects both regular and hidden divergences
Includes configurable sensitivity settings

Typing SC PTC Pro

Why ?

The website is the reference to learn how to analyze and trade with the professional trading platform Sierra Chart.

It is a platform that gives access to all the main markets on which professional traders (funds, banks or institutions) operate: US markets (CME, CBOT and CFE) and European markets (Eurex).

The site allows you to know everything to make your own analysis, with the indicators you want (Market Profile, FootPrint, Heatmap ...), and apply your own trading strategies with the professional tool that is the order book.

For your learning, you will find on the site several possibilities: tutorials organized in 5 themes, professional trading environments and tools and remote services, webinars and custom configurations with an expert who explains everything.

Sierra Chart, one of the best quality/price ratios on the market?

Sierra Chart is a New Zealand company that provides a trading platform to analyze and trade futures, forex, indices, some stocks and options.

The main exchanges available are the European and American ones, as do 90% of professional traders. Recently, it is also possible to trade some crypto-currencies from the Bitmex platform.

To analyze and trade, the platform integrates the most common indicators such as VWAP, pivot points, MACD, RSI, Volume Delta, Bollinger Bands ... but also those of professionals: Market Profile, Order Book, FootPrints, Bookmap ...

All this for one of the best quality/price ratios on the market and ITS POTENTIAL IS ALMOST UNLIMITED!


Over 40 lifetime tutorials and over 30 hours of training
Professional tools already predefined
Remote services: Webinars and custom configurations
Free articles to improve your IT environment
Partners to help you improve your trading skills
A Newsletter on Sierra Chart to be aware of the updates.

The site will evolve and new products will be regularly proposed. Check the site frequently and look for the best for the professional trader.

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